The Right Move for Established Companies

The self-storage industry keeps evolving – and the profits go to those who keep up. Building on prime real estate means building multi-story storage facilities, and the city review boards are apt to approve structures that blend into the retail landscape. Plus, crowded families aren’t the only ones turning to self storage for space solutions. These days you can find everything from pharmaceuticals to heirlooms in climate-controlled units. And that all makes expansion the right move for established self storage companies like yours.

Trends in Self Storage

Building and energy codes have been changing recently. Depending on which code your state has adopted, some of the following may apply to your next project:

  • Greater levels of insulation are being required on insulated buildings
  • Some states are limiting or prohibiting the use of floating slab foundations, despite their proven performance
  • Newer codes require firewalls every 2500 sq ft instead of every 12,000 in buildings without sprinklers
  • The drive isles can be as narrow as 20′ wide and still conform to code
  • The roll-up doors must have the same wind rating as the building so make sure the doors you purchase are wind rated
  • The firewall locations changed compared to your last code
  • The foundation requirements have also changed. Now, you can only presume 1,500 pound soil bearing capacity. Therefore, we highly recommend conducting a soil test to increase the presumed soil bearing capacity which will impact the amount of concrete needed in your building.

Building designs and styles have evolved.

  • With land prices escalating, multi-story buildings are receiving greater consideration. We recommend you incorporate an elevator into your building.
  • Wider and larger units are increasing in popularity. Trachte’s standard building offers 9’0″ wide doors on a standard 10′ bay giving your clients more room for their car, boat or trailer, which will set your site apart from the competition.
  • Building very wide buildings eliminates driveways and thus maximizes the available land. This design can easily achieve 20% more rentable square feet per acre. The interior hallways can be climate-controlled to attract higher-paying customers. The corridors need to be bright and clean, and utilize smooth, heavy-gauge panel so that they will endure over time.

Communities are becoming more stringent. The building department and, more specifically, the architectural review board may require:

  • A high pitched building with a colored roof
  • A hipped roof on one end
  • A cupola on the roof
  • Dormers
  • A building with an overhang and soffit
  • Brick, stucco, Drivit™, or other façade
  • A mansard to hide the edge of the roof
Storage Down to a Science

Throughout your expansion project, Trachte will give you expert advice and the best materials to work with. Our custom building designs and flexible options, like extra wide doors, make it easy for you to stay on top of changing consumer needs, not to mention local building codes. Moreover, Trachte’s regional managers will help you maximize your site’s square footage and pinpoint the most profitable unit mix. We will even coordinate the installation of your buildings. Your experience plus Trachte’s tradition of solid engineering , total service, and the custom, next generation building designs that review boards love. Welcome to smarter, easier expansion.