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When properly developed, a self storage facility is a great investment. But it’s not the same industry that it was 10 years ago. Developing a site today requires the right location, the right management strategy, and the right marketing. Whether you are considering building your first facility, adding on to your existing one, or looking for ideas to maximize revenue from your existing site; Trachte’s FREE self-storage seminars and webinars will provide you with insight ideas that you can implement in your project.

More than a discussion about buildings, the seminar draws from experiences, observations and lessons learned from thousands of facilities throughout North America. Our free seminars don’t just introduce you to the self storage industry. They prepare you to become a part of it with practical advice, industry trends, and the most up-to-date information. We’ll also discuss how to compete against larger competitors.

Learn how to determine your market’s potential. Talk about budgets and building materials. Every convenient, info-packed Trachte self-storage seminar is a unique opportunity for you to gain real insights from the people who know self storage best. All without ever hearing a single, solitary sales pitch.

Past episodes also available to registered users in the video section of our web site.

We are new to the self storage investing. It was a well roundedvery insightful presentation. Jamie is very passionate presenter.

Robert Symington, Seattle, WA
October 2018 attendee

Seminar Dates & Times

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Ocala, FL

Jan 23, 2024



Austin, TX

Jan 25, 2024



Asheville, NC

Feb 27, 2024



Kansas City, MO

Feb 29, 2024



Ann Arbor, MI

Mar 19, 2024



Lancaster, PA

Mar 21, 2024



Burlington, VT

Apr 23, 2024



Nashville, TN

Apr 25, 2024



London, ON

May 7, 2024



Cincinnati, OH

May 9, 2024



Sun Prairie, WI

May 14, 2024



Fargo, ND

Oct 8, 2024



Eugene, OR

Oct 10, 2024



Naperville, IL

Oct 22, 2024



Binghamton, NY

Oct 24, 2024



What You’ll Learn

Uncover the building blocks of a successful self-storage business.

  • Identify demographics and learn what drives demand
  • Measure your local market and the competition
  • Locate and plot the perfect self-storage site
  • Learn about the building process
  • Find out how to navigate permits and zoning boards
  • Project your profits, costs and long-term cash flow
  • Explore construction options and unit optimization
  • Discuss maintenance, security and staffing needs
  • Discover common pitfalls and learn how to avoid them

Who Should Attend

Entrepreneurs searching for a solid real estate investment
Couples who want to start a business where they can work together
Families seeking a more dynamic retirement plan
Business owners looking to build a reliable second income
Self-storage owners ready to fine-tune their expansion project


9:00 AM
  • Welcome
  • Self-Storage Overview
  • Customer Information
  • Self-Storage Demand
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM
  • Finding Land
  • Laying Out a Site
  • Detailed Site Profitability Analysis
  • Navigating the Building Permit Process
NOON Complimentary Lunch
1:00 PM
  • Building Your Self-Storage Site
  • Security Systems
  • Conversions
  • Management
3:30 PM Closing

Meet Our Speakers

Jamie Lindau

Jamie Lindau

Director of Product Development

Jamie Lindau has spent over 35 years in self-storage. Jamie has crisscrossed the United States and Canada helping people plan, develop, build, and profit from self-storage. Drawing from his own personal experiences in ground up construction, overseeing large and small projects, purchasing existing sites to managing large and small self-storage sites Jamie has led more than 300 interesting, educational Trachte seminars since 1988.

Mike Larson

Mike Larson

Regional Sales Manager

Mike Larson has been with Trachte since 1993 and is a Regional Sales Manager of the Northeast. Mr. Larson helps entrepreneurs build and run successful self-storage businesses every day throughout the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. An active member of numerous Self-Storage Associations, Mike uses his extensive knowledge and experience to provide a unique insight when helping customers in their self-storage endeavors. Mike has conducted over 50 Trachte seminars and also speaks at industry trade shows.