Trachte’s in-house engineering department offers custom designs and building solutions to meet the unique needs of your market.

Site Planning – proper site planning and design is critical to the success of any self-storage business. Trachte engineering will develop a practical building layout that maximizes site coverage and complies with national and local building codes (customer must supply these details including proper setback information).

  • Site plan – a preliminary site plan provides a general idea of how your site will be designed.
  • Stamped plans – an exact foundation and building plan specific to your chosen Trachte building design is stamped with an engineer’s seal for your state or province. The deposit for this plan varies. If your foundation and/or building must be inspected after it is built, you will need to contract with a local engineer to perform this service.

Custom Designs – on-staff engineers can customize any of our standard building designs to suit your unique needs. Job specific calculations and drawings are provided for each building designed. Calculations and drawings are sealed by a professional engineer registered in your state or province.

Code Compliant – each building designed, whether standard or custom, will follow local (if notified by owner), national, and international building codes.

  • Local – with this customer-provided information, Trachte will ensure your self-storage project meets the building requirements of your local market. Please provide wind load and snow load details, including the year of the building code.
  • National – Trachte adheres to the International Building Code (IBC). We can also meet all model codes, i.e. FBC, SBC, BOCA, etc.
  • International – CSA-A660-04 certified, Trachte meets the requirements of the National Building Code (NBC) of Canada, which is the building code accepted by all provinces except Ontario. As a Canadian customer, you can be assured your project will be code-compliant.

Licensed Engineers – Trachte’s resident professional engineers are licensed to seal plans and calculations in all 50 states.

Technical Support – Trachte’s customer service department works closely with engineering to provide technical support to customers and installers. Technical support is available at the time of purchase throughout the life of the building.

Product Improvement and Development – ongoing efforts are dedicated to improving both existing products as well as developing new building designs to meet the changing needs of the storage industry. An onsite research and development lab provides an environment for researching, testing, and training. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering innovative building solutions.