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Download from an extensive library of photo guides that feature examples of finished facilities, applications of building enhancements, construction details, and other facility components.

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Multi Story
  • Multi-Story Self-Storage System
  • Two Story Self-Storage System Built-Into-a-Hill
Boat/RV & Commercial
  • Boat/RV & Commercial Self-Storage Systems
  • Small Enterprise Center
Conversion System
  • Create-A-Space Partition and Corridor System
Micro Units
  • Micro Self-Storage System
Additional Portfolios
  • Climate Control for High Pitch Buildings
  • Climate Control for Low Pitch Buildings
  • Foundation Details
  • Electrical, Lighting, and Cameras
  • Gates, Fencing, and Security Systems
  • Grading & Drainage
  • Landscaping
  • Office Options by Trachte
  • Offices Designed and Built by Trachte Customers
  • Variable Roof for High Pitch Buildings
  • Variable Roof for Low Pitch Buildings
  • Sign Options
  • Self Service Offices
  • Architectural Enhancements for High Pitch Buildings
  • Architectural Enhancements for Low Pitch Buildings
  • Roofing Systems