Excellent Return, Easily Managed. Now is the Time.

By now you have probably decided self storage is worth investigating further. If you are wondering if now is a good time, consider the following:

  1. Exceeds Stock Market
    Self storage offers an excellent return on the money invested. Both short term and long term, it exceeds stock market returns.
  2. Capture Market Share
    In talking to existing self storage owners, their biggest regret tends to be that they didn’t jump in sooner. Proceeding now may delay others from pursuing, or altogether deterring, them from developing a competitive project.
  3. Opportune Time to Build Net Worth
    Building net worth early in life can make planning for retirement easier. Even if interest rates climb, it is still an opportune time to build net worth since commercial loans are typically short term and interest rates will fluctuate. This allows for refinancing when interest rates come down. It is better to get started now with self storage to build your business along with market growth. Rental rate growth helps the business cash flow to increase over time.
  4. Build a Solid Business
    Self storage demand is driven by life events: downsizing homes, job transfers, divorce. Additionally many businesses opt to outsource storage needs. The time is now to develop a facility and build a solid business.
  5. Lending is Readily Available
    Self storage has matured to a point that most lenders recognize the stability and predictability of the investment. Across the country, funds to build your project are available at low rates, with historically low required equity.
  6. Need for commercial use is growing.
    More people are also becoming at-home entrepreneurs and seek alternative storage other than their home or garage.
  7. Easily Managed
    As a low cost investment, self storage can easily be managed by individuals with little or no development experience. The initial investment is much smaller and operating expenses are much lower than other types of real estate investments. The management task, unlike many other businesses, is not labor intensive.
  8. Higher Return on Investment
    Self storage offers a higher return on investment with a comparably lower failure rate than many other real estate ventures or new businesses.
  9. Start Small and Grow Over Time
    Self storage allows you to start small and grow over time. As your equity and cash flow grows, your ability to develop additional facilities increases. Or, sit back and enjoy the revenue stream that you’ve created for yourself.