Runway Self Storage

Westminster, MD
52,675 sq. ft. | 404 Units
Large climate-controlled building with exterior access climate control units and standard single-story buildings with matte black doors.

Runway Self Storage in Westminster, MD, stands as a testament to unwavering determination and persistence. Over the course of seven years, the owner diligently worked to secure all the necessary approvals for this impressive self-storage facility. The journey to build this facility was a multi-year endeavor filled with challenges and obstacles.

The facility boasts a striking design featuring a well-appointed office with a distinctive tower section. A unique aspect of the project was the requirement that no doors face the main road, allowing the architectural features to shine. The exterior showcases stone end walls and wainscoting, contributing to its aesthetic appeal. An elaborate landscaping plan, which included six micro basin retention (MBR) facilities and one large retention pond (sand filter), was necessary for stormwater management and crucial in obtaining the required approvals.

The site offers a variety of storage options, including a large climate-controlled building with exterior access climate control and standard single-story buildings. The owner and his wife are overjoyed with the final outcome, and the long and arduous wait has proven to be well worth it. Runway Self Storage is not just a storage facility; there is nothing else like it in town.