Penn Self Storage

Osceola, Indiana
17820 (95 Micros) sq. ft. | 194 Units
Iced white walls with garnet doors and trim.

On parcels of land where it is expected that another development may eventually be built, or on leased land, Micros can offer a temporary revenue stream that can be relocated in the future. Penn Self Storage is an example of an entirely Micro based site placed on a gravel lot.

The advantages of using Micros for storage can include lower real estate taxes (they are not a taxable improvement in most areas), a rapid depreciation schedule, and the ability to place them where a building might not otherwise be allowed.

Disadvantages of micros compared to buildings are that they are less flexible in unit size; and with their step up height, they are not suitable for vehicle storage. In the long term, traditional buildings will generally provide a better investment option, as a fixed building site will enjoy greater appreciation over time.