Mars Hill Storage

Irwin, PA
sq. ft. | Units
Iced white exteriors with patriot red doors, eaves, and rake trim

Located in Irwin, PA, Mars Hill Storage enjoys a prime location just six miles away from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The planning phase of this self-storage project demanded a touch of creativity due to the hilly terrain it occupies. In order to accommodate the gentle slope of the site, we applied standard step-down construction.  In the steeper inclined area, a two-story into a hill building worked very well to maximize the space for storage.

Mars Hill Storage caters to a diverse range of customer needs with its ample selection of storage unit sizes. Each building boasts an exterior finished in a crisp iced white, accentuated by vibrant patriot red doors, eaves, and rake trim. Accessibility was a top priority, and to accommodate all types of vehicles, including 18-wheelers, we strategically designed wide access lanes in certain areas. With over 200 well-lit units, the facility offers tenants the convenience of 24/7 access to their storage units, making it a welcoming and flexible storage solution for everyone.