Have Camera, Will Travel

Have Camera, Will Travel

June 9, 2017 Steve Hajewski, Marketing Manager

One of the most enjoyable parts of marketing Trachte is that I get the opportunity to visit customers and see the variety of ways that people personalize their self storage businesses. This week I attended a ribbon cutting for a rural facility in Evansville WI, which features a converted barn. Instead of sheltering cows, the renovated structure now houses temperature controlled storage. The remainder of that property offers a variety of unit sizes, including many larger units with wide driveways. Low land costs in the area make it feasible for the developer to offer a unit mix that you would not likely find in the city.

Later that day, a visited a conversion site in Watertown WI to capture a few more details for a new video.

The site in Watertown is a former grocery store which sat empty for a number of years. The new owner has turned it around, and it looks amazing. The two sites could hardly be more different in character, but both are amazing properties.

We spent a few months shooting footage at the conversion property, mostly during the winter. You might not know it from watching, but during the outdoors shots, it was all I could do to not shake the camera as I shivered. And the camera was not too happy about the temps either, with the batteries quickly depleting after only a few minutes of recording. In the end though, we were able to put together a neat story following the project from beginning to end.

I invite you to take a look at the conversion site here: view video

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