Why do I need a cashier’s check?

The request for a cashier’s check is a prerequisite for COD accounts. To unload your shipment, the freight company first needs a cashier’s check.

When are progress billings for labor due?

All progress billings for labor are due upon receipt. Failure to remit payment timely may subject your project to delays or a lien filing.

Customer Service

How do I prepare my site for building erection?

Follow these steps to prepare your site for building installation:

  • Pour concrete slabs with plenty of time for concrete to cure.
  • Prepare driveways which will save erection time and costs.
  • Try to have enough space to easily unload and stage parts when building is delivered.
  • If weather is a concern, allow space for snow removal and an accessible drive.
  • Have coverings or storage for protection of materials against elements.
How do I prepare for erecting my building?

Follow these steps to ensure the installation of your building goes smoothly and worry-free:

  • Always make safety a priority.
  • Inspect tools and equipment.
  • Dress accordingly, wear head and eye protection.
  • Hand, hearing, and foot protection is a must.
  • Read all manuals and drawings before beginning building erection.
  • Inventory delivered material and stage building materials accordingly.
  • Make sure all ground work is complete will save on erection time and cost.
If I need replacement parts, how do I order?

From time to time, your self-storage facility will require replacement parts. When these needs arise, please contact Trachte’s customer service department for further assistance. To expedite the ordering process, refer to your bill of materials for an accurate listing of parts and part numbers.

Customer service may be reached by e-mail at, or use our parts request form to be sure you are providing our staff with all the information that is needed to help get you the proper parts.

If I have questions on the job site, who should I call?

If questions arise on the job site regarding materials and erection, please call Trachte’s technical help line at 1-888-271-HELP (4357) for assistance.


What are standard shipping procedures?

Shipping will arrange to have your order picked up and delivered. For building orders, we will contact you multiple times after your order has been placed to provide you with delivery dates and discuss any issues or concerns you have, as well as to monitor progress on your jobsite. Most orders require dedicated trucks, which allows us to provide you with a delivery time as well.

What are my shipping options?

Freight On Board (FOB): The title to the goods transfers at the specified location.
Cash On Delivery (COD): Shipment is paid for at the time of delivery. Payments must be made with a cashier’s check or money order. A cashier’s check is a check drawn by a bank on its own funds which is then signed by the bank’s cashier.

What should I expect when my shipment arrives?

When the driver arrives at your job site, they will usually confirm details. For instance, is this the right place, where do you want to unload the truck, and so forth. If your order is C.O.D. the driver will ask for a cashier’s check or money order before allowing you to unload.  The driver must have the check in hand before releasing any material. The check should be for the specified amount, matching the driver’s bill. Alternatively, you or your lender may wire the final payment to Trachte prior to unloading. Consult with your Regional Manager to arrange the wire transfer. During unloading, the driver is only responsible for removing their tarps, straps, and chains. You are responsible for unloading your materials. A forklift with a minimum 5,000 pound lifting capacity is recommended for unloading.

Can I pick up my building materials?

Yes, you may pick up your building materials at our plant in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. You will need to notify us at least two weeks prior to shipment if you wish to pick up materials. We also require 24-hour notice before your arrival on the scheduled pick-up date. This assures your materials will be staged and ready to load when you arrive. The pick-up date will be discussed during our follow-up routine. Please contact us to verify what equipment is necessary to transport your materials. Trachte does not extend terms for materials purchases. Payment is required prior to pick up. If paying via credit card, please contact customer service prior to pickup to arrange payment. Payment via check or money order may be made at time of pickup.

What if I need an international shipment?

Your regional manager will assist you with collecting the information needed for international shipments. Please provide precise information concerning contact names, delivery address, and phone numbers. You will also need a customs broker. If you do not have a broker, please contact us for a broker list.