Why Invest in Self Storage

The “Stuff-Market” never crashes. The Self Storage industry proved resilient in the recent recession. During the recession, construction of self-storage facilities came to a screeching halt. Tight lending and apprehension regarding the future led most developers to wait and see what would happen.  Compared to most other real estate investments, self storage fared very well. ...

Expand Existing Self Storage

The Right Move for Established Companies The self-storage industry keeps evolving – and the profits go to those who keep up. Building on prime real estate means building multi-story storage facilities, and the city review boards are apt to approve structures that blend into the retail landscape. Plus, crowded families aren’t the only ones turning ...

Comparing Investments

How Does Self Storage Compare to Other Real Estate Investments? Many self-storage owners also own other businesses or rental property. Investing in storage can provide relatively stable, predictable income by itself, or can complement an existing portfolio of residential or commercial rental property. Self-Storage vs. Residential Residential property managers can attest that plumbing (especially toilets) ...

On our first building we wasted a lot of time and money with a company now out of business. We wasted time and money with architect drawings, engineers, etc. Trachte has the whole package all wrapped up neatly and eliminated a lot of wasted time, money, and stress. Thanks again for all your help.

Kathy, Texas

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