Stor-It Right

Hartland, WI
50,000 sq. ft. | 150 Units
Wide drive aisles ensure easy access to large Boat/RV units and exterior-access, climate-controlled units

Built in 2022, this cutting-edge mega storage facility offers 150 units, mainly comprising large Boat/RV units, along with climate control, all within a 48,000 square foot space. The eye-catching iced white structures feature roll-up doors for non-insulated units, while insulated sectional doors were required in combination with energy-efficient spray foam insulation around their openings, to meet the state’s stringent energy code. These climate controlled units measuring 14’x40’ & 14’x15’, are some of the first Trachte has ever built.

Matte black trim adds elegance, and the office area boasts full glass storefront windows and doors. With interior and exterior temperature control units, the facility caters to personal, vehicle, boat, trailer, and Maxi Storage needs. Mega drive-up units feature LED interior lighting and automatic openers on select units. Wide drive aisles ensure easy access, and separate gated entrance and exit points, equipped with automated keypads, enhance security. Accessible 24/7, Stor-It Right is equipped with high-tech security cameras, delivering a comprehensive storage solution for clients’ convenience and peace of mind.