Huber Heights

Huber Heights, OH
86,000 sq. ft. | 657 Units
A super wide, drive-thru facility with easy access to every storage unit

Huber Heights Self Storage, situated on the former movie theater site in the Dayton, Ohio area, offers state-of-the-art storage solutions in a sprawling 320′ wide by 290′ long building. This facility is designed for convenience and protection from the elements, featuring a 30′ wide by 18′ tall drive-thru area with 14′ x 14′ overhead doors, ensuring hassle-free loading and unloading in any weather.

Instead of building a multi-story facility, the owner decided to build a super wide one-story with a drive-thru to maximize the land footprint while also giving all customers the convenience of easy access to every storage unit without stairs or elevators. For added convenience, two additional loading/unloading areas are located indoors. Automatic sliding doors make entry and exit a breeze, enhancing the overall customer experience. The front façade facing the street exudes a professional and appealing look with 36″ tall brick wainscoting and wood plank finish cement panels. Huber Heights Self Storage not only prioritizes functionality but also aesthetic appeal and sustainability in its design.