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Note About High Call/E-mail Volume

We are currently experiencing overwhelming interest in self-storage development. Unfortunately that means that we aren’t able to spend as much time as we’d like, as soon as we would like, with potential customers.

Our web site provides the best and most comprehensive self-storage resources in the industry. If you are in early stages of exploring self-storage and trying to decide if a project is worthwhile, please use the Basic Investment Calculator. This tool walks you through a few easy to ascertain figures and provides a break even prediction and cash flow projection. Hovering over the “?” icon next to the development cost field on this tool will give you estimated construction costs.

Proper zoning and site details are required for a formal proposal to support a business plan for a financial lender. The expedite the process, please be prepared with site details from your local civil engineer.

We appreciate your interest in Trachte Building Systems and look forward to working together on your project.